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The weight comes on me fast, I tell you that. It just seemed to sneak up on me. This whole thing is taking a lot of getting used to. I wake up some morning already and I feel like I cannot get out of the bed, but that may just be because the weather has been terrible the past few weeks. I feel like that at any given moment a sandstorm might come sweeping by my flat or through the corrider when I am at work.
I have decided that I am going to marry Charlie, not just because I am pregnant with his child but because I have loved him all my life and I know that he has loved me so long. Things were really crazy the past couple of years between us, but the past few months have been great and reminded why I have always loved him so. We are not having a ceremony till maybe next year after the baby is born we just want to focus on her/him right now. I have an odd feeling it is twins though. I am not sure why.
I will be leaving Cairo on July 21st to go back home. That is something I am not sure if I am ready for, living back home. I could get my own place but my parents would just argue so about it. After we go get our marriage license, Charlie and I will be living on the east end of the house. Our house is not huge but on one side of the house there is two empty bedrooms (mine and my brothers CJ and Chad used to live there) and a bathroom. Chauncey's room is on the other end still close to my parents. Chauncey is really excited about baby, which suprised me. I mean he cracked some jokes but that is his nature. Miss Margret, our maid she wants to start living at home again to help me but I told her it is not neccesary. Besides eventually Charlie and I will find a flat of our own and make our own life and we will not be having maid. Even if I could afford one on my own, I do not think I would need one.

I have to go.




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Jun. 17th, 2007 09:11 pm (UTC)
You think way too hard. y'know that rite? I love you anyway cousin. I'm happy that things are working out for you. Let me know when the ceremony's going to be, I'll be there for sure!
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