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And then they said:

Charlotte Bekataten Wisteria Basilington, Bachelor of Arts in Criminalogy.

Well they said that at our more personal graduation ceremony outside the law faculty this morning. The big one all I did was stand up and want to scream like a ninny. But guess what everybody? I, Charlotte BW Basilington am officially a university graduate.

Let the celebrating begin!


Oh this is killing me:

I have been thinking a lot about it, how much has changed in just three years. How quickly those three years flew by. When I entered university I just knew how my life was going to go, I was going to go through university learning all I can, falling more in love with Charles, we were going to get married when we graduated and move back to London. Then I would join the police force as a detective and we owuld live happily ever after, the end. I never knew that he would break my heart, lose his mind and I would be forced to go out of my comfort zone for the first time in my life.
Academic wise, university was very tough, but suprisingly i did not fail anything, Thank God. I learned a lot about myself and I am definitely not the same girl that entered the halls of New Hall College. I feel that now I am woman, mature and ready to embrace world, no longer feeling that she must hide under the arms of her parents. I used to be so shy and so scared to stand up to my parents, hardly worthy of the name 'brazen detective'.
A lot of people joked that I have become a terrorist since I started university, getting in touch with my inner egyptian as it were. I suppose that as you grow older you realise that as important as it is to support your blackness, there is nothing wrong with discover and embracing the other parts of your culture too. My cousin, Jasmine, taught me that.
I have gone through loss, I had to deal with the simple fact that my DNA is a bit screwed up. I even tried to kill myself, which was a very hard thing for me to deal with still. Mental illness. My mother has always tried to keep me grounded, but it has been very hard. I even tried to keep myself ground, but to be honest it is rather hard. Something I have never admitted on this blog: but I am just a little on the wealthy side I do not think those things are important in life but my father's family does. I grew up sheltered because of it. University was my chance to live life like everybody else and I have thoroughly, through the triumphs and tragedies enjoyed it all.

but it is time for it to be over already.

only a few more hours.
I can hardly stand it... I'm so nervous ... see I'm using contractions see there is another one. Oh the agony it is never going to be time for graduation. Twenty more days and I will be graduating from one of the best criminal study programs in the country. I cannot believe it. These past three years have flown by. (I am so glad I followed my mum's advise and did not go over to the U.S I might be still struggling through useless curriculum like my poor cousin, you'll make it Jasmine!). Half of mates have graduated. but the G.A students graduate on June 29 the term ends next week. and I passed everything. So why can they not just hand me my diploma and let me free! please!? The only solice is I am the first to go after the graduate students.

Yahoooooooooooooooooo! I am graduating!!!!!!!! *does twirl*

*takes deep breath*

On 5 July I leave for Cairo for a visit, I do not start work until August. I still cannot believe I am actually up and trotting off from England. There was time I never wanted to leave England... I still am not sure if I do, but I am at least for 6 months, for that is my probationary period. I want to spend a few years somewhere, who knows you might even find me in the states before I go back to Cambridge to go for my Masters in Criminalogy
As for Tariq, I had to quit that game. I did not really love him and I found myself starting to do things with Charles like kissing that I do not really want to be doing. I know it might seem right to do, but it is still too soon and I am still hurt. My body does not seem to remember these thigs. There are parts of growing up that quite blow but graduating from university is not one of them!

got to chip off.



Life has been so unbelievably unreal lately. I am trying to focus on my thesis paper. That is all I have to do this term finish this thesis paper, not get Tariq upset with me, and try not to send Charles back to a mental institution. I have one more term. Just one more and I will finally be finished with university! I am so excited and can hardly stand it.
I think I have planned to move far away, I do not want to but I feel I have no other choice. Besides Chauncey will be in North Carolina next year, off at school to study abroad. I found work in Cairo at a law office as an interepter.
You know when you are in school, you really doubt you will ever finish. You think to yourself, they are just toying with us, we will never get out of here. Then finally you look up one day and you are finished. Thank God I did not listen to my mother and go to an American University, I would never get out.

- Holmes
P.S yes I know this was a bragging entry. I also know I could be writing about the things Charles adressed but I have not fully formed my opinion yet so when I do, I will let you know.


slams head against desk
the idea of thesis for undergraduate had to be the earliest form of academic torture. But it is almost almost done that is all I have to remember. Two more weeks(I hope) and it will be done and I will be graduating).
I am getting so excited about graduating I really do not feel like working on the thing, but if I do not then I will not graduate.

oh the torture!

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May. 5th, 2006


I was here in the states on holiday when Hurricane Katrina hit. I was in Boston and decided to go to New Orleans. It took me some to get there though, but I had to. I just felt moved by God and my soul; I wanted to help. I first helped in Houston, then Baton Rouge and finally New Orleans. It was site unlike any other. I will post some pictures soon.

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Would love to return

I have not been to Bern since I was 12, when my family took my cousin from the u.s.a on a whirlwind tour of europe. It is such a beautiful city, it sort of looks like something out of a storybook…and the bears lol. I am hoping to go sometime this summer before I start work in ‘the real world’.

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What an experience.

Well I did not do it all by myself. But assist in a murder case, on the police force I am volunteering for. I cannot wait till I become a detective and will be able to attempt to solve a crime and take the credit for it. heh

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Oh bother

I knew coming here to La Mas was a bad idea. I think I am more confused now than I ever was before. Kissing your former fiance' when you are dating someone else. Bad Idea.

This is not going according to my plan.

Happy Valentine's Day

This is going to be one very interesting Valentine's day.

Tariq is really busy this week, so weplan to meet this weekend. Tonight, Lavanya, Rabi, Peter, Liz, Charles, and I are going out. It sort ofreminds me of the old days of triple dating, a great big time to be had. For whatever reason I am nervous and takingtolongtodecide what to wear. I guess I really do miss Charles, I see how he is shaping slowly very slowly into the man I once loved and it is very hard for to keep my decision on things. I do have to admit that.