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January 3rd, 2008

Past ready

Everybody....every-body in my family has their children at least 2 months early but not I.  My children are so healthy and on time it is quite miraculous considering their DNA.  I am happy that they will be healthy but with about a month to go I am feel so many things. Some days I am so happy and excited some days I want to bash my damned head in.  But there is a lot going inside of me, I keep telling myself.  

Due to a strong emotion inside of Charlie and I, and even Mum and Father; there will be a slight name change to our dear girl.  We have decided on Donyale Benazir Rousseau. My parents both met PM Bhutto during their uni days back in the 70's. My father met her again a few years ago as well. But even if not it really struck a chord, it really hurt my soul to see the chaos and that is not pre-partum depression talking.

I stopped working mid- December and now we are basically readying the nursery. Mum refuses to let me stay at our flat and insists that I stay back in the children's wing at home after Donyale and Charles have arrived and have gotten themselves settled. So there are 2 nurserys, one at our flat and one for the over eager grandmother, her first grandchildren you can imagine that.

Ah, we have the pictures of Donyale and Charles but I have to scan them in to show you. 

Happy New Year. I have only one resolution: to be the best mother I can possibly be, the detective has taken a 6 month  hiatus for the greatest mystery in life.   



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