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The biggest news ever!

Guess what? You will never believe it. you will not be able to guess it. I promise

I am pregnant. I know! it is crazy! I was really scared and upset and mad at myself doing things I ought not to before marriage but after some time I have come to realise that this is a beautiful thing.

I guess I have a lot of explaining to do. Charlie and I have been dating the past 3 months. I did not really tell anyone because, I am not sure I guess I did not want everyone thinking things would be the same. I told Jasmine, my cousin and Lavanya that was about it. My parents did not really know we were dating I just told them that we had settled our differences from 2 years ago. After about two months *it* happened, a very sweet moment in my life. I know then, more than any moment before that I could forgive him, that it was as he said, and just because your boyfriend cheats on you with some whore does not he became a whore himself. Which by the by, I was slightly foolish I really did not think two virgins could get the one pregnant, guess I am not so smart after all.

I will be moving from Cairo in about two months and back to London. Father wants me to work in his office for awhile because he will be a kinder boss. Obviously graduate school has been delayed and I will probably end up working for the Met or CPS. I am trying not to think so hard but there is so much going through my head. I cannot believe I am going to be a mother. That by next year I will be responsible for someone's life and livelihood.

Charlie and my parents want me to get married and I want to, just not now. I mean I love Charlie, you know I always have but we can still do this without being straight away. But perhaps that is something I need to think about.

I really hope I have twins a boy and girl, would that not be something? The excitement.



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