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Living my life like it's golden...

and life's never been so good

Charlotte Rousseau
22 October 1985
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Charlotte aka Bekataten, Holmes, Char

Age and Occupation

24, Wife, Mother, Criminalogist

About Me

Half-Black American, Part egyptian, Raised in London, Pregnant, Wannabe Detective, Brown eyes, brown hair, brown skin, Married, Proper, not a terrorist, good egg, chubby


I love Donyale and Ravi (my children) and my dear Charlie, Mystery novels, Jazz, Soul, French RnB, Arabic Pop Music, Classical, Final Fantasy, canary yellow, arabic poetry, beef anything, Harry Potter,LV, Vera Wang, Ribena, dark chocolate, L/R, Master Keaton, Law and Order, Matlock, Perry Mason(bw) lavendar, Old Navy, sunsets, tea, Pepsi, Indian food, Soul food

racists, dumb people, 75% of all off the rack clothing, megamarts, close minded people, lime green, having dry hair, limited electricity, George W. Bush

Misses dearly
Cairo, North Carolina, practising law, work in general

007, 86, 99, al jarreau, albus dumbledore, alicia keys, america, anglican, anime, appalachians, arab pop, arabic, automobiles, autumn, b.b king, baby, bach, beethoven, bessie smith, bible, billie holiday, blues, bmw, books, boston, bronze, brown, burgundy, cadburry, cambridge, casablanca, chamber of secrets, chococat, christianity, classical music, cleaning, clues, cooking, copper, crime, curry, ddr, deduction, deep thoughts, deery lou, depression, detective, detective fiction, detectives, diagon ally, diamonds, dobby, duke ellington, dumbledore, edwardian, egypt, egyptian dance, electronics, ella fitzgerald, erykah badu, etta james, exercise, faberge, faith, fall, family, ff, ffx, film noir, gadgets, german, get smart, god, gold, green tea, gryffindor, hagrid, hakim, harp, harry potter, hayden, hellsing, hermione granger, hindi, hogwarts, hufflepuff, imac, india, j.k. rowling, james bond, japan, jazz, jill scott, justice, katrina, latin, law, league of extraordinary gentlemen, london, macintosh, manga, master keaton, mozart, music, mysteries, mystery, nina simone, norah jones, north carolina, opera, order of the phoenix, pasta, peace, philosopher's stone, philosophy, piano, pierce bronsan, pocky, pregnancy, professor mcgonagall, quidditch, reading, recipes, ron weasley, rpg, russia, russian, russian tea, sara vaughn, shani, sherlock holmes, shostakovich, shoujo, silent film, sir conan doyle, soundarya, spy, tchaikovsky, tea, the neptunes, the prisoner of azkaban, true love, truth, uk, victorian, violin, voldemort, watson